Programmatic, direct access to small-scale commercial real estate

    Ways to partner with Keyway


    Invest in deals sourced by our investment professionals in our key verticals and focus geographies

    Managed accounts

    Keyway builds your portfolio of properties across high-growth markets and verticals

    Programmatic Partnerships

    Keyway’s solution for institutional investors executing pre-defined strategies

    Our platform allows you to invest at scale

    Highly experienced team: With 10bn+ in transactions and 60+ years of combined experience

    Reduced closing time and costs: Technology enables the real estate team to source and underwrite several opportunities simultaneously

    Turnkey solutions: Keyway provides the full array of services to investors, sources the opportunities, leads the diligence and closing, structures the entity/fund, secures financing and fully manages the assets

    In-market: Keyway’s presence is reinforced by our local offices staffed with expert real-estate professionals who work closely with brokers, property managers, and sellers in the community

    Debt access: Keyway leverages banking relationships and digital integrations to secure best debt alternatives for individual assets and portfolios

    Transparent fees: We align long-term incentives with our partners in our fee structure

    Our expertise

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